Our Beliefs



"Everything that is wrong in this world, and in your life, will be made right—through Jesus."

In the beginning, everything was good. But then, the first humans chose to follow their own wisdom and made a selfish decision that allowed evil to enter the world, separating Heaven and Earth. Because evil entered the world, it produced death as its fruit. Humanity gained knowledge of hate, grief, chaos, violence, wickedness, promiscuity, brutality, and gluttony.

As a result, people we love pass away, poverty exists and greed capitalizes on it. Our world has become polluted, and the animals in our care have been reduced. We corrupt, we deceive, and we diminish one another. We steal, we kill, and we destroy. From within our hearts, evil produces the damage that we not only inflict on others but ourselves as well. No matter how much we tried to make things right, we fell short, trusting in our own wisdom, and embracing the selfish nature that lives within us.

Despite all mistakes and offenses, the Father never gave up on us. He made a way, and His name is Jesus. Over 2,000 years ago, God came down to Earth by choosing to be born of a virgin and enter the world. Fulfilling everything we were called to be, He made a way by becoming the way, He taught the truth by being the truth, and He gave us life by giving up His life for us.

Jesus loved the world so much that He refused evil to the point even after it exhausted all of its strength and murdered Him. But on the third day, the Spirit of God raised Jesus from the grave. He ascended to Heaven and eternally carries our salvation so we can be one with God.

His sacrifice liberates us from our spiritual captivity and sets us free from the evil that infects this world. When we choose to believe in His resurrection and place our faith in God as our highest authority, we receive the gift of salvation, the Holy Spirit. Not because of our own strength, but His.

Through faith, our life is laid in the grave with Jesus. The Spirit becomes one with us, and we are resurrected with Jesus and are born again. Raised to walk in a new life, we grow as new creations and children of God, becoming citizens of a new and eternal Kingdom. The Spirit empowers us to follow the will of the Father by imitating the obedience of the Son, spiritually following the footsteps of Jesus; filled with light as He was, and giving life to the world as He does by abiding in His most important teaching:

To love the Lord our God with all of our heart, all of our soul, and all of our strength. And to love our neighbor as ourselves.

 By obeying His greatest command, we become Good News to the world and let our love produce light through our life and give life to the world. By obeying His greatest command, we are preparing the world for His soon return. 

One day, God will pronounce judgment on evil. God will contain evil outside of the Kingdom, so that all who eat of its fruit may continue to do so, receiving the second death. When God separates evil from the world, Heaven and Earth will become one.

 One day, there will be no more evil, no more brokenness, no more sorrow, no more death, every tear will be wiped away. And all people in the Kingdom will live in eternal harmony. One day, everything will be made right, and we will live and reign with God forever and ever.

 This is what we believe, this is the life that we have found in Jesus the Anointed One, and this is the revelation found in Scripture.

Will you experience this life with me?



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