Simply Love Jesus™ exists to influence and inspire all people to live a life that starts and revolves around loving Jesus.


We are cultivating and shepherding a community of young adults from diverse churches, uniting them to love God and love people.

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Simply Love Jesus (Book)
Simply Love Jesus (Book)
Simply Love Jesus (Book)

Simply Love Jesus (Book)

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Everything is complicated. Or at least it feels that way, doesn’t it? 

Friends, family, school, sports, politics, romance–the examples are endless. Everything is complicated. 

But in this book, you will discover that Jesus is the one thing that shouldn’t be. In fact, when you understand the answer to one question, all the complicated things in your life and in our world will fall into place:

“What does it mean to simply love Jesus?”

Join Caleb Davis on a journey to discover what it means to be Good News and how, through loving Jesus, you can bring healing to the world around you. 

Using illustrations, easy-to-understand language, and powerful metaphors, this book simplifies the Biblical Narrative to communicate its primary message and goal for each person. This book will inspire young adult readers with a clear presentation of the life Jesus intended for His followers.

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"Caleb was outstanding! He taught our students with passion and a clear understanding of Scripture. Every student walked away from our weekend having encountered Jesus in a profound and undeniable way. Caleb's teaching was catalytic in this."

Brian Drinkwine, Pastor

Santa Cruz, CA


“Caleb is a gregarious and energetic communicator who has a deep passion to lead students to a soul-transforming understanding of how to simply love Jesus.”

Jason Bollback, Pastor

Waukee, IA


"Caleb Davis passionately pursues the Gospel and has a heart to see lives changed with the message of Jesus. Caleb is truly engaging and a fun speaker!"

Aaron Collier, Pastor

Marietta, GA


"Caleb is a man after God's own heart. His teachings equip and motivate others to cause real change in the world."

Griffin Stuart, Student

Urbandale, IA


"Caleb preaches the simple Gospel very personally to his audiences. He is able to relate his life and his studies to Scripture in a way that invites the audience to experience the simplicity of loving Jesus."

Grayson Jones, Student

Atlanta, GA