Simply Love Jesus™ is a ministry that produces content designed to empower others to live the way Jesus intended for us to live: A life that starts and revolves around loving Jesus.

This content includes Podcasts, Youtube Videos, Books, Apparel, and more. A majority of our content is free. We want to keep it this way, but the only way we can do this is through the financial support of others. 

So we want to extend the invitation for you to become a Encourager. We hope that those who choose to support us financially do so out of a desire to contribute to our mission:

To show the world what it means to love God and love people.

In the next 15 years, we want to see a major shift happen in the culture of Christianity across the United States of America, but we are in need of your support. Every Encourager will be listed as a member on our team. We see Encouragers as more than just donors, we see them as an essential part of our organization.

You can be part of our team by clicking the link below: